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Cold-blooded man who dumps three innocent pups on roadside is caught on camera

YouTube of man throwing dogs onto roadside dog-angry
© KFOR Oklahoma's News 4 – YouTube

Surveillance footage of a man throwing three dogs onto the roadside before driving off and abandoning them has emerged online. The video has led police to begin an investigation into the incident and to find the identity of the “monster”.

By Nick Whittle , 15 Sep 2019

McClain County Oklahoma has a problem with dog abandonment. According to Dana Scott of Helping Paws Animal Rescue 1,100 dogs have been found abandoned in the area in the past eight years. The rural spot seems to fit the bill for would-be criminals who think it acceptable to relieve themselves of another living being.


Of this case, the dogs were lucky. Scott’s charity has taken in the dogs and will look after them before advertising them to be rehomed.

No details have been published yet of the names or ages of the dogs although all three are thought to be puppies. They are currently in the care of the shelter and will be checked over by a vet in due course.

Helping Paws Animal Rescue is a no-kill animal shelter in Oklahoma designed to re-home neglected and abandoned dogs and cats.

There are more than 200 million stray dogs worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) estimates over 3 million dogs are brought to North American animal shelters every year.

Police investigate

The county’s police department is now on the trail of the man who dumped the dogs. In an effort to raise awareness of the problem, the video has been posted online. McClain County Sherriff calls on anyone who thinks they know the identity of the man to come forward.

According to State law, if found guilty of abandonment, the man will face a maximum jail term of 30 days, and a mandatory fine of at least $50 but not more than $500.