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Deaf cat discovered in water tank after being lost

Cat drinking from water tank cat-happy
© Pixabay

Temperamental technology gives way to good old-fashioned elbow grease in the rescue of a deaf cat trapped in an unlikely spot. Read on to discover how one feline adventurer took a wrong turn too many and almost ran out of lives.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 14/09/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

Only recently did Diana Jaleru find Basti abandoned in the Belgian capital, Brussels. Enduring the rigours of import regulations Jaleru brought the one-year-old back to live with her in Colliers Wood, southwest London.


Basti enjoyed her time away from the flat and would often wander the streets of London for hours at a time. But when she failed to return on the evening of August 5th, Ms Jaleru began to worry. London at night was no place for a cat, least of all one that was deaf.

An attempt to locate the cat via a Bluetooth tracker failed, and Jaleru took to social media to plead for the safe return of her beloved soulmate. Countless messages of support filled Jaleru’s in-box but none was forthcoming with the whereabouts of Basti.


It was not until a week later that Jaleru received the news she had hoped for. Basti had been found.

A Thames Water employee telephoned Jaleru to tell her that he had just dredged a cat out of a water tank. The cat, he believed, was Basti.

The engineers from Thames Water had made the discovery during their inspection of a water tank in a property a few streets away from Jaleru’s flat. They had used an ingenious system of planks to rescue the tired and frightened cat. No tech needed!

Basti is home!!,” Jaleru wrote on the Facebook page of the group “London lost found cats UK”.

The lovely gents at the water plant found her in an empty tank and put a long plank of wood in to get her to climb out. she is so so thin but the vet said she is well ?? i cant believe i have my girl home, she is so grounded, but so happy she is safe now.”