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Hysterical video catches Labrador’s adventures as he’s released from lead

Camera catches dog's joyful run to the sea dog-happy
© sciu89 - Youtube

An adorable Labrador has gone viral after footage emerged of his off-leash adventures. Walter the Labrador had been fitted with a body camera so lucky viewers get to see the furry boy in action from his own point of view and where he goes might just surprise you!

By Natasha James , 14 Sep 2019

Temperatures get pretty hot in the idyllic Sicilian village, where Walter the Lab lives with his owner Simon, so keeping cool is key. Walter’s favourite pastimes are running and swimming in the sea and the footage you’ll see is a joyful combination of the two!

What's your hurry, Walter?

The video starts with gorgeous Walter being released from his lead and what ensues is one crazy run!

Having total freedom, you could expect Walter to pay a visit to his pals, stop off to beg for scraps at a local butcher or even visit his favourite park, but there are no detours for Walter; he has his end goal firmly in mind. The jubilant vid shows Walter making his determined way to the sea and splashing in happily. And who can blame him? Wearing a furry suit in the Sicilian sun has to take its toll.

Totally viral

The wonderfully funny video is already at a whopping 17 million hits, making Walter officially an internet phenomenon. There’s something about seeing the journey from Walter’s point of view that makes it unbelievably joyful.

Take a look for yourself and just try not to smile!