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Watch: tiny Dachshund hilariously gets stuck with massive stick

Tiny dog vs massive stick dog-happy
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Our furry friends teach us many lessons: love, loyalty and, in this adorable Dachshund’s case, the power of perseverance! Watch the hilarious video as tiny Bosco attempts to get through life (and a couple of bollards) with his huge new stick.

By Natasha James , 13 Sep 2019

Little but mighty

Standing at just 22cm high, little Bosco could be forgiven for opting for twigs, maybe a tennis ball or two but, undeterred by his diminutive size, Bosco’s favourite thing in the whole world is sticks and huge ones at that!

The tiny brown Dachshund has his own Instagram account with over 63,000 followers who all check back regularly to watch him follow his lifelong passion: massive stick collecting!


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The power of perseverance

One of his latest videos has gone viral. It shows him happily trotting along with a humongous stick in North London’s Highgate Wood. All is well until he approaches two unfortunately-placed wooden bollards. He runs straight at the bollards but is thwarted in his attempts to pass, undeterred he tries again and again as his owner encourages him with supportive words. Eventually, he works out how to get through but you’ll have to watch the video for yourself to see how this clever canine’s brain works.

Other Bosco videos show joggers darting out of his path and fellow pooches watching in confusion as he runs by with sticks bigger than all of them.

There’s even an adorable felted version of Bosco, obviously with a stick in his mouth.


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We wish Bosco a long, happy and stick-filled life!

Check out the hilarious video below:


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