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Have you seen this puppy? Family heartbroken after Boston Terrier stolen

boston terrier puppy stolen dog-sad
© Lee Howard - Facebook

Lee Howard, owner of 11-week old Boston Terrier, Rocco, went to take his dog for a walk, when he realised that the house had been burgled – and Rocco was gone.

By Memoona Zahid

Published on the 13/09/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

Lee, 44, is a construction worker and lives in Birmingham with his family.


While the family of 4 slept, their house was burgled, and important belongings were taken. The thieves forced open a small window in the kitchen and swiped cash and bank cards. They also took the Nissan Juke vehicle and unfortunately, the family’s beloved pet, Rocco.

Just days before, Lee’s van was also robbed, and Lee believes that the same thieves came back to rob the house.

Rocco needs his medication urgently

Rocco, who is microchipped, is in regular need of medication. Lee has voiced his worry over how important it is that Rocco is taken care of and given his medication on time.


URGENT Please share. Unbelievably we have been targeted again last night. Around 5am we had a intruder come in to the...

Posted by Lee Howard on Friday, September 6, 2019

Father of two, Lee says his children, James and Willow, both aged 7, and his wife Rebecca are desperate for the puppy to be returned to them safely.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “Police are investigating reports of a burglary in Cartland Road, Stirchley, where a Nissan Juke car and a puppy were stolen in the early hours of Saturday.

“Investigations are ongoing and anyone with information can contact us."

Below is an image with more information about Rocco:

We hope he is found safely and returned to his family soon.