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Owner finds her Great Dane puppy hanging out in the bathroom with the cat

Great dane and cat play together in the bathroom dog-cat-happy
© Max and Katie the Great Danes - Youtube

Mikey, the enormous Great Dane puppy, seems to be completely mesmerized by the house cat. And we’re thankful for it, because this special relationship has resulted in the most adorable of videos. No wonder it’s gone viral!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 12/09/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

Videos of cats and dogs together are always entertaining, that’s why they’re huge hits on the internet.

Huge canine versus little feline

Although merely 7 months old, Mikey the Great Dane has already reached a considerable size. The tortoiseshell coloured cat, Abbie, is of course much smaller. But, being 12 years old, she is also much more experienced than the young canine. And perhaps it’s a mixture of this kitty’s original colour, and of her wisdom, that enchanted the gentle giant.

The two animals are in cahoots together in the bathroom when their owner decides to start filming them. The gentleness and affection of the gestures between the two animals – who can only be described as complete opposites – is touching to say the least. Mikey, despite the force he could exert on the little cat, is sweet as can be. And Abbie, well, she’s a cat, there’s always going to be a little attitude!

Video goes viral

The video has already gotten well over 81,000 views on Youtube. People from all over the world are commenting on the sweet couple.

One user said: “Such a typical cat – swipes at him one second, loves on him the next. I love their little attitudes.”

“I’m glad Mikey is now best friends with the cat, I think he’s got a gift of trying to make friends,” said another.

Another sharply observes the intricacies of the relationship: “I like it…cat wants to be lovely and calm but when Mikey gets too excited and playful she swipes at him…trying to teach him to be calm.”

One thing everyone can agree on – these two are ADORABLE. Check the lovely video out and see for yourself: