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When man sees what his neighbour is doing, he immediately calls the police

Woman kicks her dog on the balcony dog-angry
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To love a pet unconditionally and to treat it as a member of the family comes naturally to those who love animals. Sadly, not everyone is like this, and some people are just downright cruel.

By Justine Seraphin , 11 Sep 2019

It’s never a pretty sight to witness an animal being mistreated. But if you’re lucky enough, you are able to do something about it. This is what happened to a man in Lancaster County when he noticed his neighbour beating the family dog, named Trigger, on her balcony, right before her 9-year-old son’s eyes.

A violent and unnecessary crime

Just one glance at the situation and the man instantly calls the police. While he waits for the officials to arrive, he films the terrible act of cruelty, and posts it online for everyone to see.

Once the police arrive and start to question her, she denies the whole thing. According to her, she didn’t ‘beat’ or ‘abuse’ her dog, she simply hit him on the head because he had supposedly bitten her son.

Graphic video incriminates woman further

But, unluckily for her, the video proved quite the contrary. There was no sign of aggression from the dog, he just seemed to be putting up with the inexplicable violence coming from his owner. And now, the poor Trigger was covered in bruises, particularly on the ribs and chest.

The dog was of course, taken away from his family. He is now being looked after by a local animal welfare group. The woman, on the other hand, has been arrested, put in jail, and is awaiting trial. She faces serious charges, not only in relation to animal cruelty, but also involving the incitement of a minor.

Warning: the following video can be quite upsetting for sensitive viewers.

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Una donna è violenta nei confronti di un cane.

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