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Dog owners visit the vet: What they say makes him sick

Shocking request of dog owners to put down healthy dog dog-angry
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Munchkin is an adorable 10-year-old Corgi. Happy, playful and full of life, any dog owner would be happy to have him. But rather than rewarding him for his loyal dedication, this pooch's family instead decided that he was too old and wanted him put down so that they could get a puppy instead.

By Natasha James , 12 Sep 2019

A shocking request

Cutie Munchkin’s owners made a run-of-the-mill appointment with the vet and upon arrival stated that they wanted their healthy dog to be put down. When questioned by the vet, they informed them that Munchkin was perfectly healthy but they’d decided they wanted a puppy instead.


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Naturally, the vet refused to euthanise the healthy dog and instead gave the loving pooch to a rehoming shelter so that little Munckin could find a new forever family who deserved such a dog.

Members of the shelter shared this shocking story to social media and there was a rush to adopt lovable Munchkin.


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A new home

Lucky dog lover Michelle Padilla was only too happy to welcome Munchkin into her home to live out the rest of his days surrounded by love and lots and lots of treats. Munchkin has settled in exceptionally well to his new home and his loving owner Michelle has been happy to report that he’s as healthy and sprightly as ever. In fact,  he has made the perfect addition to their family.


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Poor Munchkin did not deserve what happened to him with his previous family - and he's certainly better off now in his new, loving home!