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Watch: adorable playtime between Boxer and baby

Kai and Nikki are best friends dog-happy
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We all know about the special bond between dogs and their owners, but a recent Youtube clip reveals the adorable relationship between pups and their human siblings.

By Ashley Murphy , 10 Sep 2019

The short footage stars baby Kai and his best friend in the whole world, Nikki the Boxer dog.

The best of friends

Viewed over 6k times, the video shows Kai and Nikki playing together on the couch before the adorable pair tumble onto a play mat for more fun and games.

Throughout the play session, baby Kai can't stop laughing and is clearly loving spending some time with his furry friend. Nikki looks pretty happy too! Her tail won't stop wagging from side to side and she adopts the classic "let's play" doggy pose.

At first glance, it looks like she's ready to pounce on baby Kai, but it soon becomes apparent that this is all part of the game. In fact, the 'play position' is a vital form of communication for dogs.

Otherwise known as a play bow, it tells other dogs and humans that this pup is ready for some fun. It reveals the dog's friendly intentions, disarming any potential conflicts.

It means the dogs can play without worrying about their positions within the pack but it also sets the rules of the game. For example, a play bow might say let's wrestle, which means no biting or scratching.

If one dog breaks the rules, the other pooch simply stops playing. The pup who went too far then has to perform another play bow as if to say, "Ok. I crossed the line. I'm sorry. Can we play again?" It's then up to the other dog to decide if they want to carry on with the game.

Make sure there's an adult in the room

But that's not a problem for this super cute duo. Nikki's kind-hearted nature means she's the ideal playmate for her little baby brother.

Despite all the love for their human siblings, dogs should never be left alone with small children. Accidents can happen, so always supervise doggy and baby playtime!