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Surgeon saves child’s life; a few hours later, he gets the most upsetting news

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There’s nothing worse than seeing your child suffer. Something Luca and Heidi had to learn the hard way when they found out that their son, Mattia, was suffering from a cardiac anomaly.

By Justine Seraphin , 9 Sep 2019

Luca and Heidi were ready to do anything they had to in order to save their 4-year-old son. Luckily for them, they got in touch with the right person.


Dr Caner Salih, who practices at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, is one of the best heart-surgeons in the world. So it was a no-brainer for Mattia’s parents: that’s where they were taking their son for treatment.

Mattia had the necessary operation, and to his parents’ great relief, he made a full recovery. Luca and Heidi couldn’t hide their exceeding joy towards the doctor who had saved their child’s life. But no amount of thanks could truly convey how thankful they were for the surgeon’s efforts.

A win-win situation

Shortly after Mattia’s operation, Luca and Heidi heard some very upsetting news. Dr Salih’s dog was ill, and also suffering from a cardiac issue.

That’s when they knew they could truly ‘pay him back’ for saving Mattia’s life. For indeed, Luca and Heidi are veterinarians!

Without hesitation, they offered to treat Dr Salih’s dog Budu.

Today, thanks to the hard work of both vets and doctors, Mattia and Budu are alive and in great health!

What a happy coincidence it was that these people met.