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Cat facing death for not being pretty enough is now Instagram sensation

Willow the cat has unusual features cat-wow
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When she was found on the doorstep, this sweet little kitty was dirty, covered in fleas and likely to be put down. Now, she’s a HUGE social media star.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 10/09/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

Little Willow’s unusual looks have won her a legion of social media fans. The little cat has gone from abandoned on the streets to a star thanks to her new kind-hearted owner.


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Meet Willow

Lori Farris spotted the little kitten on a doorstep. The cute kitty followed Lori all the way to her car. Lori realised that this cat was in much need of some TLC so picked her up, gave her a clean and took her to the vet.

Poor Willow was in a sorry state: covered in fleas, with an eye infection and bloody nose too. Lori also noticed that the cat looked rather unusual.


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Put down for not being pretty

The vet checked the cat over and said she was pretty healthy, but if she was taken to a cat shelter, they would probably put her down because she was simply not pretty enough to rehome. And the vet also had an explanation for her unusual looks, Lori told The Metro:

“The vet thought she seemed healthy other than her face and mouth – she said it was like feline Down Syndrome.” 


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New home

But despite her unusual looks, Lori had already fallen in love with the cat, she added:“The vet said that the shelter would surely euthanize her since she wasn’t ‘pretty’ so I decided to keep her.”

In fact, it’s considered unlikely that cats contract Down’s Syndrome. In Willow’s case, as she is quite healthy, it’s more likely she has been born with some form of facial deformity.


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The cat was lucky to find Lori as it can be difficult to find new loving homes for cats that perhaps look a little unusual. Willow bonded with Lori very quickly, along with her Boxer dog, Ella.

Instagram star

But although she may have found it tough to find a new adopted home from a shelter, Willow now has 138k followers on her very own Instagram account, 'Willow the Beautiful Cat'.  Her profile says, 'I'm a beautiful little Florida girl born with a fuzzy heart-shaped caticorn nose. I love flower hats. My best friend is my Boxer sister Ella.'


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Photos of the cute kitty wearing different flowery hats has won the hearts of her fans. As for Willow, she is rather enjoying her new found fame.


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Lori said: "Willow loves wearing her different flower hats and her Instagram has had a great response. I think people like her because she’s a symbol of love, kindness and being beautiful even though looking different.”