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How to make your wedding day paw-fect and NOT a dog's dinner

Including your dog in your wedding day dog-happy
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I woof! It's one of the most important days of your life so you'll want your canine pal by your side. But how can you make it paw-fect for everyone involved?

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 09/09/2019, 13:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

Many wedding trends come and go, but one that is growing faster than anyone could have imagined is including the family dog on the big day. After all, our dogs are far more than just pets. They are important members of the family.


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Plan ahead

But a dog charity is warning couples that they must bone up on what to do if they want their dogs to be part of the big day. The Dogs Trust is urging couples planning to tie the knot with their pooch in tow to think about the day from their dog’s perspective. They recommend planning the day with your dog in mind.

The Dogs Trust suggests“Make a day plan of events from hour to hour and think about how your dog usually responds to similar situations.”


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Making your big day dog-friendly

You are probably looking forward to making your wedding day into a big celebration and want to invite all your friends and family to share it with you. But for the dog that’s a lot of people, and it could be quite overwhelming. To make sure your pooch pal is happy and well-behaved for your big day, invest in a training course so they can learn how to meet new people without barking or biting.


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VIP guests

Some people want to go further than just having their dogs with them on their wedding day. They actually give them specific roles to perform on the big day. How about getting your dog to walk down the aisle alongside the bridesmaids or act as a ring bearer? But to ensure your dogs can relax and enjoy the day too, perhaps just save the special time with them for the wedding photos.


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Keeping Fido safe

You’ve organised a delicious three-tiered cake that’s going to beautifully decorated, but if it contains chocolate or fruit it could make your dog seriously ill if they get a bite of it. Either choose a dog-friendly cake recipe or make sure the cake is kept well out of reach of wherever your dog may be. Don’t forget to warn your guests to not give them even a crumb from their plate. Check that your flowers are safe for your dog too. Some plants can be poisonous to dogs and even if your dog doesn’t normally nibble at flowers, don’t take the risk.


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Create a doggy corner

Weddings are busy and noisy affairs so it’s important that you create a little area for your pooch so they can escape the celebrations if it gets too much for them. Create a cosy corner with a few toys and their water bowl where they can relax. And while you are busy making sure all the guests’ glasses are kept topped up, make sure Fido’s water bowl is kept filled too.


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The Dogs Trust adds: “Many owners consider their dogs to be members of the family, so it’s only natural to want to include them in their big day. However, a crowded noisy environment can be frightening for an animal. You can involve them in other ways, such as having their pictures as your table centrepieces.”