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Dog found tied to a tree brings tears to everyone's eyes

dog tied to tree dog-sad
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Tied to a tree in the middle of the forest, is Zeus, a dog with a particularly sad story. He was left abandoned by his owner and needed help more than ever.

By Memoona Zahid , 9 Sep 2019

The owner left a note tied to Zeus’ collar containing important information. Despite the conditions that Zeus was left in, this note tied to his collar was essential in finding him a new home.

A heart-wrenching discovery

The note read: ‘My name is Zeus. I am a very good dog, but my owner cannot afford to take care of me anymore. She tried to find me another family, but nobody wanted me.'

The note continues - ‘Zeus is comfortable with cats and children, but not with meeting new dogs. Please, find him a good home.'

The owner finishes the note with Zeus’ date of birth and other useful information such as the fact that he is not up to date with his vaccines. The woman ends her message by adding that she hates having to give up her pet, but that she really has no choice. It seems like she sincerely wanted the best for her beloved animal.

Found and saved

Picked up by the Prince George County Animal Shelter, Zeus was finally safe. Wanting to quickly find a family, members of the shelter posted an ad on social networks where they explained his story and published the note while explaining that Zeus had been completely abandoned by his owner and needed a new family urgently.

On February 13th, Zeus, the two-year-old dog found his new forever home. A new and well-deserved start for Zeus!