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Dog at airport refuses to move, what follows brings tears to everyone's eyes

Pregnant pooch and her litter dog-wow
© Paul Dellegato - Facebook

Much loved duty dog named Eleanor "Elle" Rigby (named after the Beatles song, of course!) surprised her owners when she lay down in the middle of Tampa Airport and refused to move. Worried, fellow travellers approached to see if there was anything they could do to help.

By Natasha James

Published on the 08/09/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

But unbeknownst to passers-by, everything was absolutely fine for the beautiful dog.

A moving scene

In fact, Elle was pregnant and far more advanced in her pregnancy than her owners had originally thought. Elle had gone into labour, and she drew a group of well-wishers to help her welcome her new pups into the world.

Within seconds, a crowd had gathered to watch the progress and the brilliant team at Tampa Fire Rescue were on hand to ensure everything went smoothly.

To make matters even more magical, the little ones’ daddy – a dog named Nugget – was also present to attend the birth of his little ones.

A huge haul

Eleanor had her work cut out but eventually gave birth to a huge haul of eight puppies: seven males and one female. All the pups were healthy despite their rather interesting entrance into the world!

Eleanor’s owners missed their flight but, quite rightly, nothing could dampen their joy at this magical moment!

This heart-warming story has already travelled the world, just like Elle and Nugget’s puppies!

Take a look at the adorable video from the Tampa Fire Rescue of a tired-looking Elle and her brand-new little pups.