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When abandoned pup realises who his adopter is, his recation is INCREDIBLE!

White pitbull looks out of window dog-happy
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Despite a tough start in life, little Mojo always deserved a second chance. And luckily for this gorgeous pooch, the best second chance he could hope for was right around the corner.

By Natasha James , 8 Sep 2019

Back in 2013, in Nova Scotia, member of an animal rights organisation and all-round good guy, Joey Wagner found a very poorly puppy. Thin, dirty and with a severe case of scabies, the poor little pooch looked like one big wound. It was a heart-breaking sight for everyone who saw him and none more so than rescuer Joey.

Joey immediately took Mojo to the vets so that he could be adequately cared for and receive the proper medical attention. But, the road was long for poor little Mojo and he needed lots and lots of demanding care before he could begin to regain health. Thankfully, Mojo was a fighter and gradually grew stronger and stronger until he was ready to start a new life surrounded by love and treats!

A Family for Life for Mojo

Like all rescue pups, Mojo couldn’t wait to find his forever home and when the day finally arrived, he was very excited. But, no one could have prepared little Mojo for the excitement he’d feel when his original saviour turned up to give to give him the life he deserved.

After all that time, Mojo could probably be forgiven for not recognising Joey but that was certainly not the case! Mojo INSTANTLY recognised his rescuer and was absolutely overjoyed to be reunited with the man who had saved his life. We wish them both a very happy life together!

Take a look at the utterly heart-warming video of the moments Joey and Mojo were reunited.