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Family set up camera to catch jerky thief; record HILARIOUS burglary attempt

A secret camera caught the jerky culprit dog-wow
© Krissa Wright - Twitter

Everyone thought 'Ivar' the German Shepherd was a very good boy, but when it turned out he was helping himself to some extra dog treats, his dog dad came up with a super-smart way to stop the 'greedy' pooch.

By Ashley Murphy , 7 Sep 2019

It all started when some beef jerky went missing off the kitchen counter. Ivar's family didn't think too much about it at first, and they certainly didn't suspect their pooch. After all, he was always so well-behaved.

The case of the missing jerky

One member of the Wright family said:

"Ivar actually never steals food from us. We could put food on the ground and go away, and he would not touch it."

But when more jerky went walkies, Papa-Wright decided to launch an investigation.

So he set up a camera with motion detectors and a voice-activated speaker to catch the jerky bandit.

A few days later, Mr Wright received an alert on his phone. Someone, or something, was going for the jerky. He logged into the camera and quickly spotted the furry culprit. He then used the voice-activated microphone to give Ivar a strong 'telling off.'

It's clear from the video that poor Ivar doesn't know where the voice is coming from, but the confused pooch soon gets the message and makes a swift escape.

However, with that kind of evidence, Ivar was never getting away with this caper. You could say he had been caught 'red-pawed.'

Everybody thought the case was closed. Ivar received a good talking to, and there was no way he'd try and pull the stunt again, not when there's a camera set up to catch his every move.

But think again, because a few days later more jerky went missing - and this time there was no incriminating evidence.

Mr Wright was home during the second 'crime', and so the camera was turned off!

The furry mastermind strikes again

Despite his previous form, the lack of hard evidence means we can't prove Ivar is up to his old tricks again. But witnesses say he did seem quite pleased with himself later that same evening.

It looks like Ivar is much smarter than everyone thought!