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Dog walk nightmare: Horrified owner watches terrier cross fall 100ft down cliff

Cliffside dog-wow
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What should have been a nice dog walk along a cliff edge suddenly turned into a living nightmare when a dog fell off the side of an Isle of Wight cliff.

By Zoe Monk , 7 Sep 2019

The adventurous cross terrier called Archie had run over the cliff edge at Watcombe Bay on Tennyson Down. But the lively canine got too close to the edge and slipped off, leaving him perched on a ledge.

Archie’s horrified owner from Norwich, on holiday on the Isle of Wight, immediately phoned 999 to alert the coastguard.

Freshwater Independent Lifeboat attended the scene and spotted the extremely lucky four-year-old dog perched precariously on a ledge.

Miraculously survived 100ft high drop

Lifting him to safety, Archie showed no sign of any trauma from his horrific ordeal.

Rich Barton-Wood, from the Freshwater Independent Lifeboat crew, explained that the dog had spotted something which he chased, and then just went over the edge.

He said: "It's astonishing. It's about 100ft high and there's no access by foot so the only way in is by boat, so the lifeboat went in."

Reunited with owner

After being rescued from his cliff ordeal, Archie was taken to Freshwater Independent Lifeboat station where he was reunited with his very relieved and grateful owner, Mr Noakes.

Warning to dog owners

Freshwater Independent Lifeboat's crew warn dog walkers to keep their animals away from the cliff edge and to never attempt to rescue a pet themselves. Call 999 instead.