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Watch: Puppies found ABANDONED on uninhabited island

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Junior Cook, a boater, was cruising by the Canadian Isle Manitoba, when he heard the cries of an animal. He called the Norway House Animal Rescue services as soon as possible to find out what was going on.

By Memoona Zahid , 6 Sep 2019

What is that noise?!

Junior originally thought they were wolves, as Deb Vandekerkhove, director of the rescue tells CBC. Unable to see where the sound was coming from, despite using binoculars, Junior decided to return the next day to find out where the sound was coming from.

When the rescuers arrived, they brought food for the puppies, and Junior gave this food to them – which they ate very quickly as they were super hungry!

After a couple of days of giving them food, becoming friends with the pups and gaining their trust, it was time to transport them to a shelter and put them up for adoption to settle them into loving homes.

Gillian’s Island Crew

There are 4 boy puppies and 3 girl puppies. They have been named Gillian’s Island Crew, all with lovely individual names that match their personalities - Skipper, Gilligan, Mary-Anne, The Professor, Ginger, Lovey, and Mr. Howell!

Luckily all the puppies were happy, but to be on the safe side, they are being treated for ‘lice, tapeworm and malnourishment’ at the Winnipeg Pet Rescue, where they were transported to.

Watch the rescue video below to see these fluffy friends being rescued:

7 abandoned puppies on an island

Who looks happy to see their rescuers? The 'Gilligan's Island crew is! Operation 'Gilligans Island' is underway. Another visit with feeding late this afternoon. Donations for this combined effort with on site advocates and volunteers to or PayPal link on our page. **This Is How We Do It folks.** Focus on stabilizing the dogs by ensuring they have food water shelter and then focus on removal**

Posted by Manitoba Animal Alliance on Wednesday, August 1, 2018