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Watch: Devoted mother dog will stop at nothing to save babies from the rubble

mother dog digging up puppies from destroyed house dog-serious
© Animal Aid Unlimited – YouTube

Animal Aid India arrived at the scene of a collapsed house surrounded by rubble when they found out that there were puppies trapped underneath. Luckily, they got a helping hand from the puppies' devoted mother.

By Memoona Zahid , 6 Sep 2019

When this mother dog realised that her puppies were trapped underneath the rubble of a collapsed house, she eagerly waits for rescuers to help her reunite with her puppies.

The rescuers arrive and they begin to remove rocks and other fallen pieces in order to get to the small dogs which are hidden from sight.

The rescuers worry that the puppies may not be safe, but they continue to do their best to get to them.

A Helpful Mother

The mother dog does not stand by and watch, she enthusiastically helps the rescuers by digging with all her might.

Mama dog stands near the rescuers while they work, cheering them on and helping them. After what seems like forever, the rescuers hear tiny whimpers emerging from underneath! It's the mama dog's little puppies.

Safe and Sound

They rescue the puppies, lifting them out, and the mother dog cradles them in her paws, happy to be reunited with her loved ones who she missed very much.

The mother checks to see if her puppies are okay, and they are, apart from from being covered in a little bit of dust. The mother dog is filled with joy seeing her puppies alive and well.

The recently rescued puppies and their mother are successfully rehomed in a safer area, all back together again.

Watch the video below to see the rescuing in action!