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Dilyn the puppy farm survivor brings a ray of sunshine to Number 10

Dilyn the Downing Street dog dog-happy
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The Prime Minister enjoyed a rare moment of unanimous congratulation this week when he took charge of Dilyn, a dog rescued from an illegal puppy farm. Read on to learn about the cruelty endured by Dilyn and others like him.

By Nick Whittle , 5 Sep 2019

Eileen Jones rescued Dilyn from a Welsh puppy breeder who dumped the Jack Russell after discovering a problem with its jaw. Unscrupulous dealers tend to discard animals that are less than perfect because they are afraid of losing money by their continued care.

Breeders' poor treatment is not only of puppies like Dilyn. Writes The Mirror, Ms Jones said, “Dilyn is a puppy but most dogs we take in are adults. They are abandoned by breeders when they are no longer profitable, when they stop having litters, or have small or sickly litters.”

Lucy’s Law

Jones delivered Dilyn to 10 Downing Street on Monday to the delight of the PM’s partner Carrie Symonds. Ms Symonds campaigns tirelessly on many conservation issues, and has recently added her voice to those in support of Lucy’s Law, which requires animals to be reared in a safe and supportive environment with their mother. The law also states that puppies must be sold from where they were born.

Lucy’s Law will be brought into the legislative fold in April of 2020. The law is named after Lucy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that sadly died in 2016 due to its poor treatment on a puppy farm in Wales.

Jones told The Mirror the introduction of the law will assist her in her work with Friends of Animals Wales.

Eileen said the law “helps me carry on” because there is at last an end in sight. Of the campaign she has run to highlight the plight of dogs on puppy farms, she added, “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, it’s had a huge impact.”