Golden Retriever's priceless reaction to seeing favourite toy in washer

Golden retriever dog-wow
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Gracie the Golden Retriever is surprised when she discovers her favourite toy, Cookie, is trapped in a washing machine. What's even more surprising though, is the face she pulls when she realises Cookie's being hurled around!

By Memoona Zahid

Published on the 05/09/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

Gracie was wandering around happily, when she spotted her BFF Cookie squashed amongst clothes and other items in the washing machine.

Best Friends

Unable to rescue her toy, Gracie gazes sadly at Cookie. Gracie and Cookie have been friends for 5 years and can always be found together.

Her owner, Jessica Bernhardt, decided to capture the moment and post it on social media, where it has gained over 4,000 likes and comments.

When asked about the situation, Jessica replied saying

"Gracie trotted into the kitchen and looked very surprised when she realised where her favourite toy Cookie was. As soon as I saw her expression, I found it very funny, it made me laugh so much."

"Cookie usually carries it everywhere with her – she’s had it for five years – so obviously missed her while she had a wash."


When your favorite toy is in the washer... ??

Posted by Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

After an hour of being whizzed around, Cookie is returned to Gracie

Cookie was a bit dirty and needed to be washed which is why the owner decided to put her in the washing machine. Now Gracie could have a nice cuddle with her squeaky clean best friend!

The owner has another dog, Cuba, and they all live happily together with Jessica in Hamburg, Germany.

Jessica says – "I love everything about Gracie and my other dog Cuba. They are just everything for me – they are both unique and very special."

A happy family, especially now that Cookie is back in the loving paws of Gracie.