Watch: Parents leave baby alone with Husky, what follows gave us goose bumps

Baby and husky playing on the ground dog-wow
© Gustavo Stank - Youtube

Warning: this video will definitely change the way you see the world. We bet you’ve never seen a Husky react in such a way to the clumsy games of a toddler.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 05/09/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

What happens when you leave a helpless young child alone with a big, powerful dog? Well, don’t jump to conclusions: this video’s all about pure, unconditional love.

Pure and tender love

A toddler is sitting on the ground next to the large Siberian Husky family dog. The dog, though much stronger than the baby, could easily knock him down, but instead, he is gentler than a butterfly.

Indeed, the dog rolls over and lets the child touch his face (that’s real trust right there!). Then he proceeds to lick and gently nibble the child. Such an innocent, heart-warming moment caught on camera deserves to be shared with the world! Check it out for yourself:

Healthy reminders

No matter how cute this video is, we take this opportunity to remind readers that leaving a young child unattended with a dog (of any size or breed), is strongly discouraged. While your dog may be the sweetest and gentlest around, young children can be rough players, and are unable to read warning signals coming from your animal. It’s better to be safe than sorry, always supervise your toddlers!