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Owners distraught as service dogs DIE in care of professional trainer

Three dogs die because of careless animal trainer dog-angry
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A tragic story has come to light of three gorgeous, soon-to-be service dogs who died in the care of an animal trainer, leaving their owners heartbroken.

By Natasha James , 4 Sep 2019

As a dog owner, it seems like a wise move to take the step of calling in the professionals to ensure that your dog is adequately trained. Unfortunately for these unlucky owners though, this professional dog trainer's negligence undoubtedly caused the death of these three beloved pets.

The owners relied on their support dogs

The three dogs included Vinny, an adorable Pomeranian and service dog to owner Brooke, who suffers from anxiety and depression. Little Vinny helped her manage her depression and kept her calm during periods of anxiety. Vinny's owner has started a platform, named the Vinny King Foundation, in his memory, and to help fight against animal cruelty.


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Another of the canine victims was a gorgoeus Bullmastiff who was owned by an army veteran living with PTSD.

The dog trainer had three dogs in her care and left them inside her car on a hot day when she went to visit a friend. Making matters worse, the friend was a vet, so the dogs would almost certainly have been welcome.

The trainer claims that her car had a sensor to let her know when the temperature rises above a certain level but on this occasion, the sensor failed and she was not alerted. Police officers in the area of Fort Worth (where the incident occurred), are investigating.

Beating the heat is hard for dogs

Beating the heat is extra tough for dogs because they can only cool themselves by panting. Leaving your dog in the car, even if “only for a minute”, could have heart-breaking consequences.

Temperatures are beginning to cool in Britain now as Autumn sets in but it’s never worth the risk of leaving your dog in the car so be sure to take Fido with you.

Temperature chart in hot car