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Granny's false teeth go missing...and turn up in the unlikliest of places!

Luna couldn't deny the 'crime' dog-wow
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The search for a pair of missing false teeth came to a hilarious end after a furry culprit was caught red-handed.

By Ashley Murphy , 3 Sep 2019

Anna Carolina Lima lives in Brazil with her fiance and their adorable pooch,a rescue dog named Luna.

Everybody's favourite pooch

Everybody loves Luna, especially Anna's grandmother. In fact, just seeing the little cute-ball puts a massive smile on Granny's face.

But it's fair to say that she wasn't smiling following a recent visit from Anna and the pup - or at least not at first.

Whenever the elderly lady wakes from an afternoon nap, the first thing she reaches for is her set of false teeth - only this time they were missing!

Grandma looked everywhere and soon had the whole family searching for the missing dentures. Speaking to the Dodo, Anna said:

"She was pretty desperate that she couldn't find her dentures. She and my mom searched everywhere. They searched for hours."

Then Anna finally realised that someone else was missing. In fact,she hadn't seen or heard her pet pooch for a while. This was pretty unusual. Luna is a bit of a scamp, so her sudden disappearing act raised suspicions.

The focus of the search switched to the pup, who was finally located sitting in an armchair with Grandma's teeth in her mouth!


Cadela rouba dentadura e faz sucesso na internet. Na imagem, "Luna" aparece usando uma dentadura. Segundo a dona da...

Posted by Jf informa on Sunday, September 1, 2019

But despite being caught red-handed, Luna remained unapologetic over her amusing prank.

"I found Luna sitting in the armchair with Grandma's teeth in her mouth," said Anna. "She didn't want to give them back!"

Case closed, but Luna still gets away with it

Anna managed to grab hold of the dentures, which were then returned to their rightful owner.

Thankfully they weren't damaged, although we hope granny gave her false teeth a quick wash before popping them back in!

And although she's been a bit of a 'bad-girl,' it looks like Luna might have got away with this latest stunt. Even granny saw the funny side.

"We all laughed a lot!" said Anna. "We all love animals."