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Parents: Don’t give in just because Dog Days are over

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A leading rehoming charity is urging parents not to give up their dogs after scores of pets are abandoned at the end of the summer recess. The plea is buoyed by warnings from some other animal charities about an unmanageable rise in the number of shelter dogs.

By Nick Whittle , 3 Sep 2019

The craze for summer-tide dogs is growing and with it the surge in animals being abandoned at shelters across the country. Rehoming charity Dogs Trust says enough is enough, and begs parents not to adopt a dog unless everyone in the family is aware of the responsibilities that come with doing so.


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Writes The Sun, the Trust has year-on-year witnessed an “alarming trend in young dogs being abandoned following the school holidays.” The average age of the dogs is just three-and-a-half.

The problem, says the Trust, lies in the assumption of parents that the new pet will be easy to handle and will keep their children occupied during the dog days of summer. This is coupled with the parents’ unwillingness to plan what to do with the animal beyond August and September.

Last year, The Trust recorded a 12% rise in the number of pets being given up at the end of the summer holidays.

A dog is for life

Most dogs introduced to a new home take several months to adjust to their surroundings especially if they have already been with one or more families in the past. And to make matters worse, to be around excited children so suddenly can lead a dog to become scared and timid, which may cause it to exhibit behavioural problems.


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Additionally, although a dog may keep children and the family occupied, they are not a toy. They require an input from humans, which for some does not come naturally. Hence, when the holidays are over, proper care of the dog is sorely lacking.

Remember, dog ownership carries huge responsibilities.

Dogs can make a wonderful addition to a family,” said a spokesperson for Dogs Trust, “but it’s a decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Having a pet is a lifetime commitment, and potential owners should think carefully about the reality of dog ownership and whether it is suitable for their lifestyle.


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