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New sketches capture the joys of owning a dog

You buy Joya prints online dog-happy
© erezadok - Instgram

An artist has created a series of hilarious and heartwarming sketches that reveal the joys (and hardships!) of caring for our beloved four-legged friends.

By Ashley Murphy , 2 Sep 2019

Erez Zadok is a freelance cartoonist, artist, and graphic designer. He lives just outside Jerusalem, Isreal, with his pet pooch, a furry little cute-ball named Joya.

Our little bundles of furry joy

The talented artist had already built up a large audience with his amazing illustrations, but this latest series, titled 'A Bundle of Joya', has caught the imaginations of dog-lovers all over the world.

With captions like 'home is where the fur is' and 'the radiator is always by your side,' these adorable sketches capture the essence of what it means to be a dog owner.

It's hard to express the bond with our pets (especially to those very strange people who don't love dogs), but Erez is obviously one of us!

And while he clearly treasures his little bundle of Joya, some of Erez's pictures reveal the more stressful and embarrassing moments associated with being a pooch lover.

For example, despite all that house training and years of good behaviour, have you ever experienced the awkward moment when Fido decides to do his business while you're queuing in the shop? No? Well, Erez has!

To see more of Erez and Joya's adventures, follow the artist on his social media accounts. His Instagram page includes links to an online store where you can buy prints, posters, and other Joya inspired merchandise.

You can also buy the 'Bundle of Joya' illustration book that contains all the sketches.

Another bundle of joy arrives

Fans should take the opportunity to grab one, as it might be a while before we see a follow-up.

Erez and his wife recently announced the birth of their first baby, a little girl named May.

It looks like this artist will have his hands full for quite some time. Still, we're sure the new addition to the family will give him tonnes of inspiration in the future.