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3 of the weirdest dog parent behaviours

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You may think of yourself as silly if you talk to your dog or kiss its mouth. You may even think that to do so is unique to you and not EVER indulged by other dog owners. But hold the front page! Because here are just three of the weirdest things every dog mom or dad does (even if they deny it).

By Nick Whittle , 1 Sep 2019

1. Kissing your dog

Whether on its mouth or elsewhere (within reason) dog kisses are quite common. But do dogs know what our kisses mean, and is kissing a dog safe?


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Dogs don’t really kiss each other. They may nuzzle and sometimes snuggle; you may even see one dog place its head over the neck of another: the ultimate sign of friendship. There are no kisses as we know it, but we like to think that our kisses show our dogs how much they mean to us.

Kissing a dog’s body may be safe enough but kissing its mouth is another matter. True, a dog’s mouth contains about as many types of bacteria (600-ish) as do our mouths, but their saliva contains something called Capnocytophaga, and it is this type of oral flora that can cause us harm.


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2. Carrying your dog

Most of us will at some point choose to walk around with a dog in our arms (if it isn’t too big). Doing so gives us a sense of closeness, as though the dog were a baby.


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But to carry a dog all the time cause a couple of negative consequences to happen: 1) the dog can become dependent on you to get around and can therefore become clingy, and 2)it will put on weight if not urged to get around under its own steam. Keep carrying to a minimum!

3. Talking to your dog

Here’s something all dog owners do. There isn’t a single dog owner in the world who doesn’t talk to their dog. We talk to a dog in order to get it to do something, but we may also talk to the dog because we want to voice what is in our minds.


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There is a myriad of research conducted on the benefits of having a dog, and one of the greatest benefits seems to be the ability of the dog to “listen”. Naturally, your pooch is not really listening as we do (even if it looks up at you!), but the act of talking and of confiding in another living being is a great help to us psychologically.

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