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Rich Americans pit themselves against noisy dogs

Couple drinking wine with view dog-wow
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Trouble brews in a small but exclusive town in Maryland, USA. Dog owners intent on using the designated dog park in the middle of town are being told by residents to keep noise to a minimum. But owners demand that their dogs enjoy freedom of expression.

By Nick Whittle , 31 Aug 2019

Chevy Chase in Maryland is currently the scene of internal disputes and wrangling. A meeting scheduled for the beginning of September will determine the fate of a small dog park built last year at a cost to the residents, which was intended for dog walkers.

Since its conception in autumn 2018, the park’s visitors have caused residents to regret their decision.

At a cost of $134,000 dollars the Chevy Chase dog park was built on disused land in the middle of town. In a place where the cheapest house costs in the region of $1 million, the dog park was intended as a respite for residents' dogs, somewhere they could come to meet other dogs and let off some steam.

Noise pollution?

However, in recent months, the dog park has proved so popular with townsfolk and outsiders that the noise of the dogs’ barking has begun to upset the applecart.

Writes the Washington Post, at recent town meeting one resident said, “Around dinner time, I’d like to be able to sit on my deck and maybe read a book and chat with a friend or have a glass of wine, and the dogs are barking.”

They have very little regard for us or our property,” said another. “There are dogs barking and they’re just not doing anything.”

Meeting scheduled

Despite the town’s council committee changing the hours of access to the dog park, the noise is still upsetting residents. Another public meeting is called for September 9th, at which both sides of the argument will be heard. But unofficial arguments look set to continue for some time, and may not be resolved until the dog park is removed.