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Adorable Labrador joins just-married parents in their first dance

Married couple share first dance dog-happy
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A wedding day is the biggest day of a bride and groom’s life, some would say. But it’s also a significant day for everyone in their family (human and animal).

By Justine Seraphin , 30 Aug 2019

That was the case for Seth and Nicole Funden’s family and friends, in any case. Gathered around the happy couple, guests looked at them with hearts in their eyes as they tied the knot.

Dogs are family too

Not all family and friends present were humans. Indeed, the most important guest of all was beautiful Eva, the yellow Labrador, and dog-child of the couple.

Selena Mercedes, one of the human guests at the wedding, commented on the Seth and Nicole’s special relationship with their dog.

“They both spend so much time with Eva. They take her everywhere they go.”

So it’s no surprise Eva had a front-row seat as her paw-rents exchanged vows.

May I have this dance?

But the best part of the whole day came after the ceremony.

When the couple stepped onto the dance floor, Eva joined them. And instead of shooing her off, both of her paw-rents extended their arms out to welcome Eva into their first dance.

Newlyweds, dog share first dance

THIS IS ADORABLE! Typically, a newlywed's first dance is reserverd only for the bride and groom. But when Seth and Nicole Funden hit the dance floor they were joined by their fur baby, Eva. ??? DETAILS: VIDEO: Selena Mercedes

Posted by FOX 29 on Friday, August 23, 2019

It was an emotional scene to be sure. I mean, weddings are tear-jerkers anyway, so don’t get us started on the ones where dogs join in the first dance!

We wish this beautiful little family all the happiness in the world moving forward. Thank you for making our day a little sweeter!