Simon Cowell calls in star dog trainer after his pups misbehave!

Squiddly and Diddly were 'naughty' boys dog-wow
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Britain's Got Talent creator Simon Cowell was forced to enlist some help from one of the shows recent winners to housetrain his naughty Yorkshire Terriers.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 30/08/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

The millionaire pop and talent-show boss was left red-faced after his pair of Yorkshire Terriers started doing their 'business' all over the Britain's Got Talent set! Runners and execs found traces Squiddly and Diddly backstage,  leaving Cowell unimpressed with the mischievous pups.

Squiddly and Diddly get up to no good!

So Cowell called in some help from former champion and dog trainer Ashleigh Butler. Along with her dog Pudsey, she won the show back in 2012 with a string of amazing routines showing off her dog handling skills - Pudsey did a pretty impressive job, too!

A source close to the show said Ashleigh is looking forward to training the star pups:

"Ashleigh said she would relish the challenge and thinks she can definitely get them both behaving in no time."

"She's not sure she can turn them into show dogs, but then who knows with her? Watch out, Crufts!"

Ashleigh will also be returning to our screens this Saturday in Britain's Got Talent: Champions - a new format where previous winners go head-to-head.

Unfortunately, we won't be seeing any more of Pudsey. The poor pooch passed away in 2017 after a short illness. But Ashleigh will be bringing a new dog to the show. His name's Sully and we're sure he'll do his owner proud.

Double the pooches, double the trouble

Cowell has spoken at lengths about his love for pooches and is planning to keep these guys around for as long as scientifically possible. He told the Sun on Sunday:

"I am 100 per cent cloning the dogs...I might actually do it sooner rather than later, which will mean we have six dogs running around."

Six naughty little pups? I wonder if Ashleigh could train that many at the same time!