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Watch: “Sleeping Beauty” finally fostered after 9 years in a rescue centre

After nine years in a shelter Beauty searches for someone to adopt her dog-sad
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Beauty was found abandoned as a young pup in Greece. After 9 long years waiting at the shelter searching for a new home, this tenacious dog never gave up hope. She has certainly had a long journey so far.

By Dawn Parrish , 30 Aug 2019

The abandoned pup was discovered on the streets in Mani, Greece and taken to a local dog shelter. With 150 other dogs at the rescue centre looking for a permanent home, luck didn’t shine on this dog. She really was like the “Sleeping Beauty” dog, waiting patiently for years for someone to come along and rescue her.

Nine long years pass by

Potential adopters came to the dog shelter, but they all walked on by when they saw Beauty. It didn’t help matters that the dog developed Leishmaniasis, an illness caused by parasites like the sand fly. Beauty became quite ill with the disease, but with medical treatment she should improve over time. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for dogs suffering from Leishmaniasis to be close to other canines to prevent any further health problems, so the shelter had to quickly find another home for Beauty.

Beauty gets a second chance

Thankfully, Zaira, an experienced dog foster carer in Athens came forward and offered to take Beauty into her care. In Ziara’s loving care, the dog continues to receive the medical treatment for Leishmaniasis and seems to be improving day by day. Of course, it’s a long journey back to good health, but this dog has shown she is a tough cookie!

Despite all the time she spent in the rescue centre, Beauty is enjoying time in her new foster home. She is a happy, sociable dog who is certainly enjoying life despite her health issues. She is now looking for someone with a kind heart to come along and adopt her, after being a “Sleeping Beauty” for so long.

If you can offer Beauty a permanent home, please contact The Orphan Pet for further details.