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Border Control Cops named German Shepherd after WWII war criminal

US Border Control Cops slammed for naming their drug's dog Adolph
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Customs Border Control officers have sparked fury after it became public knowledge that one of their drug dogs is named after a WWII criminal. They state that they have no plans to change his name, despite the public outcry.

By Dawn Parrish , 29 Aug 2019

The Buffalo sector of the Customs and Border Patrol, (CBP) shared a post on social media in recognition of International Dog Day, showing images of their energetic drug dogs. Whilst the pictures of the hard-working dogs, Piston, Doris Delta and Adolf collected many likes, it was Adolf’s name that raised the most attention.

Adolf is a hard-working service dog

The German Shepherd customs dog was bought in July 2013 by the CBP Canine Center in El Paso. Originally from the Netherlands, Adolf has since become one of the top working canines for apprehending illegal drugs. During his time with the Customs and Border patrol, he has seized huge quantities of narcotics, with a street value of more than 1.3 million dollars, together with around 340 thousand dollars of hidden currency. Adolf has picked up three top dog awards in the northern New York border region.

Criticism surrounds dog’s name

The shepherd dog was registered with the name Adolf in the Netherlands, and Border Control cops currently have no plans to change his name as this could cause potential legal issues. Unfortunately, however, the name “Adolf”, evokes images of the Nazi war criminal, Adolf Hitler.

Adolf is a name that is frequently used in some European countries and is derived from the old High German word “Athalwolf”, meaning “noble” and “wolf”, words that certainly describe this amazing Border Customs shepherd dog.

Social media post is deleted

The tweet shared by the Customs and Border Patrol has since been deleted, however a spokesperson for the unit, Michael Niezgoda stated that the images were removed as the dogs’ trainers had not been approached for permission to share the pics.

Time will tell if the agency opts to re-register the shepherd dog’s name, which will be as a direct consequence to the public’s shock and response to the name Adolf.