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Bus driver on morning route makes hideous discovery at a stop

Bus stop at night dog-angry
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It's just business as usual for this early morning bus driver; at first glance, nothing looks out of the ordinary. Yet something catches his eye. As he investigates more closely, he makes a shocking discovery. Thanks to his compassion and attention to detail, a catastrophe was prevented on this day.

By Justine Seraphin , 28 Aug 2019

Wiesbaden, Germany: a bus driver starts his day by heading to the first stop, “Landeshaus”, at 6:47 am.

Mystery package

As it is still so early, there are very few people already out on the streets. No-one is waiting at the bus stop. Due to this, the bus driver gets a clear, unobstructed view of the stop – which leads him to notice something he might not have otherwise.

On the ground sits a pet carrier.

As the bus driver is on time and has no passengers boarding his bus, he allows himself to take a quick break. He steps out of the bus and approaches the mysterious carrier to investigate it further.

As he leans over it, he suddenly recoils in horror. Inside the carrier, alone and afraid, is a tiny puppy! And the poor thing is not looking good. He is already too weak to lift his head.

More dead than alive

The compassionate bus driver has the best reaction. Instead of continuing his tour and leaving the pup behind, he immediately calls the police. Once they arrive on sight, they bring the puppy to Hofheim veterinary clinic as a matter of urgency. The puppy is in terrible physical condition: completely dehydrated and so weak he can barely move. No-one can tell how long its been since the poor pup has last had something to eat or drink, but it’s obvious it wasn’t recently.

On the brink of death, the puppy fights for his life as the veterinary team do their best to save him. And with a little luck, they succeed in stabilizing his condition.

Though he is still recovering, the vet team is hopeful for his future.

The author of this crime is still unknown. Police are still investigating the case.


Ein Busfahrer der ESWE hatte um 06:47 Uhr einen herrenlosen Hund in einem Transportkörbchen an der Haltestelle...

Posted by Ordnungsamt der Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden on Friday, August 16, 2019