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Bulldog found next to highway, one detail in particular startles rescuers

White French Bulldog puppy being held dog-serious
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It is a tragedy any time an innocent animal is abandoned. But this story, which took place in Erfurt, Germany, has to top all others. Indeed, the details of the abandonment are a total riddle. Who is telling the truth?

By Justine Seraphin , 28 Aug 2019

An adorable lop-eared, white French Bulldog was found in the night of August 14th in a car salvage yard near Erfurt, Germany. Having been discovered so close to the highway, the situation looks at first glance like one of your typical summer abandonment stories: a poor innocent animal became a nuisance to its owners, and through no fault of his own, was left to fend for himself in the middle of nowhere.

How long was the poor dog alone?

The sweet boy was transported to an animal shelter in Erfurt, Germany, where shelter staff discover his terrible condition. The Frenchie looks as though he’s been out on his own for more than just a few hours – a few days is more like it! Indeed, the little guy was covered in fleas and ticks. To top it all off, it seems the poor dog is almost completely deaf and also blind in one eye.

The shelter took to social media in an attempt to find out more about the little dog. Though the dog was fitted with a microchip, the number had not been registered, and the owners could therefore not be found. But Facebook worked its magic, and in just a few days, the dog’s owners contacted the shelter.

Questions upon questions

Though the owners are overjoyed to see their beloved pooch again, many questions remain. Why was the dog alone in the salvage yard to begin with? Why was he in such poor physical conditions if he previously had loving owners? The owners provided no explanation as to the state of their dog, and simply took him home with them. Could they have been at the source of the crime?

Is this a happy ending? We certainly hope so. The Erfurt animal shelter has in any case shared the news of the dog’s reunion with his family, and most comments on the situation are well-wishes. We hope for the best for this wonderful little dog, who has already been through so much.


❗️❗️UPDATE ❗️❗️ Vielen Dank fürs Teilen!! Ihr habt dazu beigetragen, dass der rechtmäßige Besitzer des franz....

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