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Nothing can cheer up this 'sad' dog - then this happens!

Barley and Fluffy are best friends dog-happy
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When Barley the Golden Retriever came home from his neutering operation, he was feeling a little down in the dumps. He didn't want to eat, play, or even cuddle - so his owners called on some extra help from Barley's best friend.

By Ashley Murphy , 28 Aug 2019

Barley lives in Amsterdam with his dog mum and dad, Zita Butler and Marc Wisselo. And while they're definitely his favourite two-legged pals, Barely has a best friend that he carries around everywhere - a stuffed animal toy called Fluffy.

The beginnings of a beautiful friendship

Barley's owners bought the toy from an Ikea store after noticing how it looked a lot like their pet pooch.  Zita Butler said:

"We saw the stuffed golden retrievers on the shelves. We thought it would be fun for Barley to have a little friend... He's totally besotted with his mini-me."

Since then, the pair have been practically inseparable. Zita continued:

"They go for walks together; they chill together, they sleep next to each other. They even pee together. Often you'll just find them both snoozing together on the couch or watching TV."


Snuggle buds #❤️

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But the adorable pair were recently forced to spend a few days apart due to Barley's neutering operation.


Say hello to our new satellite dish ? #poorboy #itwillbeoffsoon #sendlove

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No pup enjoys this kind of procedure, but Barley seemed particularly downhearted after his op. He was obviously feeling the effects of his recent stay in the doggy hospital, but he also had to don the dreaded cone of shame. What's more, he 'd clearly missed his best friend in the whole world.

Barley's owners couldn't get that sad, hound dog look off their beloved pets face - and then this happened:

Every dog deserves a friend like Fluffy

As you can see, the little act of solidary from his mini-me quickly put a smile back on Barley's face!

Barley and Fluffy have since had their cones removed and are back to their old selves again.


Morning strolls with fluffy ❤️

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