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Meet the 'sheep-cat' - one of the world's newest and cutest breeds

The sheep-cats are super-cute cat-happy
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A new breed of cat is taking social media by storm, and these curly-haired, super-cute furballs might just be the most adorable kitties you've ever seen.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 28/08/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

The Selkirk Rex is one of the newest breeds of cats. Discovered in Montana, USA, in 1987, they have one very distinct features - their curly coats.

A new cat arrives on the scene

Those long, wavy ringlets quickly earnt them a new nickname - the sheep-cat! Check out this little dude's coat:

These cats in sheep's clothing look like real-life teddy bears, and their personalities are just as adorable. They love nothing more than snuggling up to their favourite humans for some strokes and tickles.

Sheep cats are born with a long, wavy coat, or a shorter coat with much tighter curls. But despite all that fur, these special cats have minimal grooming requirements and do most of the work themselves.

These scruffy moggies are also referred to as 'poodle-cats', although I don't think they're too impressed with that comparison - especially not this guy:


Not making eye contact for the picture - you can forget it.

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Kitty breeder Jeri Newman spotted the original sheep-cat in an animal shelter near her home in Montana, USA. She couldn't get over its beautiful coat and knew she had to adopt this extraordinary looking cat.

She then bred the curly-haired kitty with a black Persian called 'Pest.' A few months later, six new kittens came into the world, three of whom had the distinctive sheep cat coat.

The sheep-cat earns official status

The breed gets its official name, Selkirk Rex, from the Selkirk mountains in its home state of Montana and the rex mutation — the genetic variation responsible for curly or wavy fur.

In 2012, animal specialists gave the sheep-cat official breed status, and they quickly worked their way into the homes and hearts of cat lovers all across the world.


Gina’s little babies ??

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