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Heart-breaking: cat dumped outside Walsall RSPCA centre

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The search is on for a man from the Walsall area who dumped a cat outside his local RSPCA vet centre. The cat is now being looked after by the Society and is due to be rehomed, but the manner in which it was delivered to the centre causes concern.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 28/08/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

In the early hours of August 19th, a car pulls up outside the RSPCA’s Leamore Lane centre in Walsall, north of Birmingham. Strolling out from the car is a man dressed in black. He carries a cat carrier and a plastic bag and places both at the door of the centre before calmly driving off into the night.

Watch the video HERE.

Workers at the centre discovered the carrier when they opened up. To their horror they noticed a cat inside the carrier. Scrolling through their CCTV footage from the night before they knew the cat had been inside the crate for almost five hours without food or water.

The tortoiseshell cat was cared for at the centre and will shortly be re-homed, but the RSPCA is now searching for the person who dropped off the defenceless cat in the middle of the night.


RSPCA inspector Beth Boyd told Birmingham Mail, “Staff at the veterinary surgery found her at 8.10am and when they reviewed CCTV they saw that she’d been left outside at 3.45am, meaning she spent more than four hours locked in the carrier in an unfamiliar place in the middle of the night.

"She must have been terrified.

The CCTV shows a grey or silver car pulling up outside and a man dressed in dark trousers and a coat, wearing a hat, leaves the cat carrier and a bag by the front door before driving away.

Inside the plastic bag we found some Catnip, a packet of Dreamies treats, an open bag of Purina GoCat and Clear flea and tick spot on treatment.”

On August 23rd the centre wrote, “Thank you everyone for your concern and enquiries about the lovely female tortoiseshell that was abandoned on Monday. She is now with the RSPCA awaiting a home so we are unable to give any information out.”


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