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Dog launched from a car brings city’s residents together

Arthur the dog stands on doorstep dog-wow
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Residents of the city of Bari in Italy have joined hands to support the ongoing work of their local animal shelter Cellamare a 4 zampe. Read on to discover how donating time and money to charities such as this can make the world of difference to sick and injured animals.

By Nick Whittle , 27 Aug 2019

Arthur came to Cellamare a 4 zampe at the beginning of August this year. According to those who delivered him to the shelter, the dog had been thrown from a moving car.

The mongrel was first taken to a veterinary hospital for urgent care after being hurled from a moving car on the outskirts of the city. Fortunately he had only suffered bruises and grazes, and after being checked over by a local vet he was handed to Cellamare a 4 zampe to be cared for and rehomed.

The story of Arthur soon made the local headlines and city residents were horrified by the barbarism of the person who had mistreated the dog.


Volunteers soon reached out to residents of Cellamare, a suburb of Bari, for help with Arthur’s ongoing care. Writes La Repubblica [translated], “So a race of solidarity begins to save Arthur." 


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Posted by Cellamare a 4 zampe on Friday, August 16, 2019

Calls are being made upon volunteers to lend a hand in any way to Arthur, including that of a pet shop owner, who then gave him a complete grooming intervention to eliminate parasites on the body, which he had inherited in his (ex) life as a stray.”

Even the mayor of Cellamare got involved, highlighting the plight of Arthur and of the work of the volunteers of Cellamare a 4 zampe. According to La Repubblica, mayor Gianluca Virchio assured his town’s residents that the dog was now in the best of health, the vet having, “ascertained the good condition of health, eliminating any tumor hypothesis.”

Cellamare a 4 zampe continues to ask for donations of money, equipment and expertise in their efforts to save the poorly and injured animals of Bari.


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Posted by Cellamare a 4 zampe on Sunday, August 11, 2019