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Baby snuggles against Golden Retriever and then dog does the unexpected

Jack the Golden Retriever and baby dog-wow
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This touching video of a dog cuddling up to a baby has already reached nearly 54,000 views. But it’s what the dog does to the baby that’s given the internet goosebumps.

By Zoe Monk , 26 Aug 2019

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time for parents. But when there’s a dog in the household, many owners worry about how the dog and baby will bond. Will the dog accept the new little human?

But this tender video between a Golden Retriever and little baby girl puts all worries at bay.


When dog meets baby

The baby is leaning up against Jack, a Golden retriever, who is lying out on his dog bed. After a big yawn, Jack turns to look at the little human and rests his paw on her leg.

Then after a few seconds, Jack shows his affection for the new family member by planting lots of dog kisses on her face.

The baby looks very content at this show of doggy affection, closing her eyes as Jack licks her cheek.

“Cutest thing I’ve ever seen”

Not surprisingly, the video attracted lots of comments from viewers. One YouTuber noticed the baby closed her eyes as the dog kissed her saying: “I like how the baby closes her eyes to be licked”, while another said, “Dogs are always very kind with children”. Another view described the video as being the cutest thing they have ever seen.

This baby certainly looks well-loved by her new canine pal.


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