Dog gone missing, 5 years later a MIRACLE occurs

Child greets long-lost dog Zoey dog-happy
© Guilford County Animal Services – Facebook

For one family in North Carolina August 2019 was when they were finally reunited with a dog they hadn't seen for five years. Read on to discover the heart-warming story of Zoey’s return to the arms of her human family.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 26/08/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

Believing they had lost their little dog for good, the family of Zoey gave up the unequal struggle of the search. Distraught, they admitted defeat and were, they believed, never to know whether she was alive or dead.

But by a magnificent stroke of luck at the end of last month they received a call from a shelter in the County informing them that Zoey had been found. 


On August 16th, Zoey turned up at the Guilford County Animal shelter. From where she had come no-one knew, but even more puzzling to staff was to whom she belonged. Although the dog was chipped the chip contained no details of family members.

Nevertheless the shelter got to work and endeavoured to trace the dog back to its original owner. By their efforts the workers at the Guilford shelter were able to determine Zoey’s rightful owners, a family with young children who lived a distance away.

Imagine her surprise that after 5 YEARS of Zoey missing," a shelter spokesperson wrote on Facebook, "Guilford County Animal Services was calling to inform her that her precious Zoey was now at the shelter."

Reunited after five years 

On receiving a phone call from the shelter the family rushed to greet their long-lost pal.


Guildford volunteers seemed almost as excited about the family’s reunion with their dog as did Zoey.

They published a series of pictures on Facebook and wrote: “Pictured is Zoey being reunited with one of the kids in the family who just couldn’t wait for her to come through the door so she could give her a hug.

Happy Tails Zoey and family! We could not be happier for you all!