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Man does the most touching gesture for a dog with a massive tumour

Thanos the dog with Luciano Karosas dog-sad
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An Argentinian dog, passed between owners on account of its having an inoperable brain tumour, has spent its last few weeks in the arms of one man, who adopted him to give him the sweetest end to his life.

By Nick Whittle , 25 Aug 2019

Luciano Karosas from Berazategui, Argentina, was made aware of the dog's plight by a friend and shelter volunteer Griselda. The 21-year-old was told of how in the course of his short life Coconut lived with four separate owners, all of whom abandoned the dog because they were unable to care for him.


Hasta pronto dulce amor, cuidate pequeña flor, lograste cambiar tu mi camino, donde estes alli estaré, donde sueñes...

Posted by Luciano Karosas on Friday, June 7, 2019


For 21-year-old Karosas, the dog’s illness gave him no cause for concern. Like others before him Karosas discussed with his vet options for Coconut’s care. But the vet ruled out an operation due to the risks involved for the dog and the small likelihood of the operation ridding the dog of cancer.

Writes Portal AmigoCão, Karosas discovered the dog had just 40 days left to live.

I found it hard to adapt to the idea of how little time we will spend together,” Karosas said. “I took him to a stem cell veterinarian to see what we could do, looking for a little more hope and told me that there is no treatment that extends that time. I left with a piece of heart in my hand.”

A life worth living

Undeterred, Karosas took a different tack with Coconut, and endeavoured to provide the dog with a few weeks of happiness and love. According to The Animal Rescue Site, Karosas was determined to make sure the dog “felt unconditional love during his final days”.

All I want is to try to give him some love before he goes,” he said. And it would appear 21-year-old Karosas kept to his word. He even decided to call the dog Thanos, after the Greek word for immortality.

Thanos sadly passed away in the summer of this year.