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Celebrate Happy World Dog Day in style with your four-legged friend

How will you celebrate World Dog Day? dog-happy
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World Dog Day, National Dog Day or Dog Appreciation Day is celebrated on August 26th. Established to celebrate all breeds of dogs, to raise awareness of the plight of canines and encourage adoption of abandoned dogs. How will you commemorate the love for your dog on this special day?

By Dawn Parrish , 26 Aug 2019

Established in 2004 by Coleen Paige, a family and pet lifestyle expert and huge advocate for all animals and now in its 15th year. Her initial aim was to raise public attention about the huge number of dogs that are in animal shelters and to encourage more people to adopt these dogs.

Celebrating all breeds of dogs

World Dog Day honours every dog regardless of their role in our lives. From family pets that bring us comfort and friendship, companion and aided dogs that help the blind and disabled, dogs that work selflessly to save lives and those canines that keep us safe by detecting drugs and bombs – we celebrate every one of these dogs, regardless of breed, age or size!


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How to celebrate World Dog Day

Of course, there are many ways you can have fun on this celebration day. Take your pup for a long hike, take him to the beach, or play doggy games in the garden with your pooch. If you’re searching for some new ideas for activities you can involve your dog in, take a look here:

Host a pet party

Does your dog have a friend he meets at the park? Invite him and his owner of course, to your garden play date.


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Cook up a dog friendly treat

There are many recipes for doggy biscuits, veggie treats and frozen snacks. Your pet is sure to love a home-made, tasty goody.


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Spoil him with a gift or toy

Walk your dog to the local pet store and let him choose his own toy from the aisles. World Dog Day is the ideal opportunity to splash out on a new bed or fashionable coat for your pup.

Make a donation to your local rescue shelter

You can show how much you care for animals by giving a donation that will help other pets in distress, in need of medical treatment or a new home. If you are able, its even better if you sign up to adopt or even foster a rescue dog.

Shower him with love

Every dog loves to be the centre of attention, and a little extra affection, more petting and cuddles won't go unnoticed on this celebration day.


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Man’s best friend should be celebrated every day of the year, but even more so on National Dog Day.


Because we love them. ❤️?? #dogs

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National Dog Day is only 21 days away! Plan to spoil your pooch! We’ll be hosting a photo contest, looking for the...

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