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A walk that goes wrong: in a bag, a woman makes the most atrocious discovery

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While walking in her neighbourhood in Ireland, a woman was surprised to hear small muffled groans. Looking around, she realised with surprise that the noises came from an abandoned bag on the sidewalk.

By Emilie Heyl , 24 Aug 2019

It was there that she had the shock of her life. In the bag was a tiny puppy not even five weeks old. A puppy far too young to be separated from his mother... Without hesitation, the woman decided to take the puppy home and started looking for solutions to help him.

A call for help

She then contacted the Coolronan Dog Rescue and explains that she has found a puppy in a plastic bag and that he looked in bad shape: he has trouble walking and looks sick.

Two volunteers quickly came to pick up little Bobby to take him to the nearest vet. He was examined straight away: it turns out that he was particularly emaciated and too weak to walk on his paws. But Bobby was determined to fight.

Ramona and Chris then took the puppy home, until he could find a family for life.


Little Bobby says hi and thanks for all the well wishes ❤He's doing well and getting stronger everyday ? really should have called him Dyson as he just wants to eat everything ?

Posted by Dog rescue coolronan on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A forever home

As the days went by, Bobby regained his strength and found his marks. Many people volunteered to adopt him, but Ramona and Chris got too attached to this cutie and could not leave him with someone else.

Now, Bobby has everything he needs to be a happy doggie and he intends to enjoy it to the fullest.


Little Bobby as we have called him in memory of my friends dog who sadly went to rainbow bridge last week ❤ he's doing...

Posted by Dog rescue coolronan on Sunday, August 4, 2019