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Shocking consequences when a Pitbull hears boy screaming and runs to investigate

Hurley the pitbull rescues boy from snake dog-wow
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Pitbulls may have a notorious reputation but when you hear a story like this, it might make you think twice about them.

By Zoe Monk , 24 Aug 2019

Meet Hurley the Pitbull

The story starts with a man walking his beloved Pitbull lab mix Hurley in a local field around 10pm. As there wasn’t anyone around, the man let Hurley off his lead so he could enjoy a runaround and explore.


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Sound of young boy screaming

Suddenly they hear a young boy scream. But before the man could do anything, Hurley was off to investigate. 


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Hero Hurley

The man quickly followed just as he saw Hurley grab a copper head snake away from the boy and throw it around, eventually killing it.


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The boy ran off to his mother who immediately left the area. It’s thought the boy may have been bitten and his mother was taking him to the ER.

Saved the boy

The man called animal control who came out to look over the scene and check on Hurley. The brave dog was bleeding and had a swollen neck and was foaming at the mouth. They found two puncture wounds on the dog’s upper lip. The poor dog had been bitten by the snake.

Hurley was then rushed to an animal hospital for emergency overnight treatment. Thankfully, Hurley has recovered from his ordeal, although he was a little sore around his face and neck.

It was later confirmed that the boy had come across a copper head nest. Even if the boy had been bitten, brave Hurley’s actions stopped the boy from being bitten multiple times.


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Well done Hurley.