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Freezing and alone: 80-year-old trapped for 15 hours, look who comes to her rescue

Rottweilers rescue pensioner
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When a pensioner falls over in a playing field, the four gentle giants who come to her rescue aren’t quite who you’d expect.

By Zoe Monk , 24 Aug 2019

The lady had lost her footing and fallen into a bush on a school playing field where she was then trapped for over 15 hours.

Freezing and alone, the lady was in danger of being trapped there all night.

Gentle giants

Dog lover David Malt and his nephew Jack happened to be out taking his four huge Rottweilers for a late walk. David let the dogs off the lead so they could have a runaround and they immediately went to where the lady was lying.

David followed his dogs Tillie, Billy, Gerrard and May to see what had got their attention. He found his four canine pals sitting with the elderly lady as one of the kind canines was gently licking her. David and Jack called an ambulance and the woman was taken to hospital where she was treated for the effects of exposure.


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Hero dogs saved pensioner's life

Jack’s mum Lana Martenovic, who also has a Rottweiler from the same family of dogs, told how the four gentle giants saved the pensioner’s life.

"They bounded over the field when they were let off the lead. My son said to his uncle 'there's something over there.' It was the female dog who started licking her and refused to leave her side until my son and his uncle arrived.”


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Notorious reputation

David and Jack often take their dogs out when the field is empty because people are often wary of the Rottweilers and their infamous reputation. But Lana hopes this story will help people to see Rotties in a new light.

"Rottweilers don't have a great reputation because they are perceived as aggressive, but they're really protective, and originally bred as working dogs. So it is good to hear some positive news about them," she added.