Volunteer catches wolf: After giving him a bath, she sees she made a huge mistake

Julia, mistaken for a wolfdog dog-wow © Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel - Youtube

Another Hope for Paws rescue in Los Angeles, only this time the organisation receives numerous reports that their quarry is not a dog but a wolf. 

By Nick Whittle

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In 2016 local resident Lisa Chiarelli joined the Hope for Paws team for a memorable rescue. Initially, the suspicion of those on scene was that the dog was in fact a hybrid animal known as a wolfdog: a mix of both species and common to areas where wolves and dogs come into contact.

Nicknamed Julia, the dog soon became comfortable enough to let Chiarelli put about her neck a “Lucky Leash” collar.


Julia’s paws were in need of treatment. Her claws had grown so long that they were affecting the way she walked. What’s more, her skin was dirty and infected, and she suffered with malnutrition and scabies, an infection of the skin caused by burrowing mites.

Hope for Paws took her to a nearby veterinary care centre where she was treated for the most serious infections and washed. It was only when she was cleaned and dried that staff of the care centre realised she was a cross between a Husky and a German shepherd.

Forever home 

After a brief period of being fostered, Julia found her forever home. A.R.T. N Paws animal rescue charity was able to hand over Julia, fully recovered, to a San Diego family who have since cared for her and welcomed her into their home.


Wolfdogs are a hybrid animal born of the union of a wolf and a dog. In Russia the rise in the numbers of wolfdogs raises environmental concerns due to the effect it has on the indigenous population of wolves. An increasing number of wolfdogs are being seen around the world due to the spread of conurbations into forested regions.

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