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Tramp to Disney star: Homeless terrier picked for Lady And The Tramp remake

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You might just think it’s just a made-up story about a well-to-do Cocker Spaniel called Lady and a street dog called Tramp. But sometimes life can imitate art as one homeless terrier discovered.

By Zoe Monk , 23 Aug 2019

Meet Monte. He is a rescue terrier mix from Phoenix Arizona. He will make his film debut in Disney’s live-action remake of the 1955 classic animation Lady And The Tramp. And we must say, he does look the part.

The 2-year-old has been picked to play the title role of Tramp in the film. His character will be voiced by actor and well-known dog lover Justin Theroux.

From shelter to Hollywood star

Monte arrived at Phoenix’s Halo Animal Rescue in April 2018 and soon become a firm favourite (we aren’t surprised) with staff for his great behaviour and kisses. 


We have a celebrity dog in our midst! Check out Monte, he was adopted last year from HALO and originally came from Las...

Posted by HALO Animal Rescue on Monday, August 12, 2019

Monte was scouted by professional Hollywood animal trainers. One of the animal trainers fell in love with the pup and later adopted him.

But Monte hasn’t let stardom go to his head. Shelter staff said he still enjoys a normal, happy life.

Rose the cocker spaniel to play Lady

A pretty cocker spaniel named Rose will play Tramp’s spaghetti-sharing love interest Lady, voiced by Tessa Thompson.

And the good news is that the whole cast of rescue dogs found their forever homes when the filming was over.


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The film will premiere on Disney+, the new streaming service launching on 12 November.