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World's sweetest Pitbull abandoned and saved right on time!

Smiley is a sweet and gentle pup dog-happy
© Julie Carter - Facebook

A kind-hearted pit bull is learning to trust humans again after his first dog mum and dad abandoned him following news they were expecting a baby. 

By Ashley Murphy , 22 Aug 2019

Smiley was certainly a bit boisterous, but he'd never shown any signs of aggressive behaviour, and it's unclear why his human family decided to abandon him. Maybe they couldn't afford to keep him anymore, or perhaps they'd heard some unfounded horror stories about the risks of keeping a dog around newborn babies.

An unwanted spot on doggy death row

Either way, Smiley found himself on the 'kill-list' at a shelter in Brooklyn, New York. And with no-one ready to take him in, the pooch was staring doggy death row right in the face.

But when pup-lover Julie Carter heard about Smiley's story, she took to Facebook in a quest to save the soft-hearted pooch.  She posted an adorable pic and the following message: 

"PLEASE HELP ME, I DONT WANT TO DIE … he is a just about perfect – friendly and outgoing, loves to play with his ball toys along with squeaky toys, house-trained, no guarding issues."

The post caught the attention of Olena Kagui. She told the Dodo: 

"I started bawling when I saw that no one in the comments said they could take him. My husband noticed me crying, read the post and said, We can't get a dog right now!"

But Olena's husband soon came round, and the couple adopted Smiley on a temporary basis.


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Posted by Julie Carner on Saturday, October 6, 2018

And with his big heart and adorable little character, it wasn't long before this pooch melted his new owner's hearts and earned himself a much deserved forever home. Olena said:

"It doesn't take long for a foster dog to make their way into your heart. Our home would already feel empty without him here."

Natural protectors and loving companions

Despite scare stories, it's perfectly safe to keep a well-trained dog in the same house with a newborn. Just make sure you supervise them at all times when they're around babies and small children. This prevents any accidents, and you'll also get a chance to catch some adorable moments on camera. Just like these people did!