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What this doctor did left everyone in shock!

Two dog paws on the floor dog-angry
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"I had just washed my car": Police officers were left shocked and appalled after a Doctor tried to explain away this horrific act of animal cruelty.

By Ashley Murphy , 22 Aug 2019

The officers were responding to an incident in the Italian city of Concerta after reports of an elderly looking dog being dragged along by a car.

Who would do something like this?

As they made they way to the scene, the officers must have thought they'd been some kind of mistake, or at the very least a misunderstanding. After all, why would anyone do something so stupid and cruel?

But some people always manage to confound our expectations, especially when it comes to how we should treat our beloved pets.

Officers couldn't believe their eyes when they saw a dog being pulled behind a moving vehicle. Its owner had attached the exhausted pooch to the car by a leash. The pup was struggling to stay on his paws and close to collapse.

After pulling over the vehicle, officers demanded an explanation from the driver, who turned out to be a local doctor. But this supposed upstanding member of the community shocked officers by his nonchalant attitude.

When pushed for answers, the doc admitted he'd just got the car washed, and that he didn't want the pooch to mess up it up again!

The officers were speechless. Realising this pathetic excuse wasn't going to help, the driver quickly changed his story. He said his dog often got car sick and anxious when travelling in a vehicle!

Give this doctor the treatment he deserves

But no-one was buying that tall tale and officers filed an official case against the driver. They then seized the dog, who is now recovering at a local animal shelter.

We're not sure if the Doctor has been charged, although Italy does have a robust set of animal welfare laws. Anyone found guilty of causing an animal unnecessary suffering can face a hefty fine and up to 12 months imprisonment.