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Rescuer took abandoned kitten to a shelter, but a surprising discovery makes their day

Kitten in basket is taken to shelter, but then they make a surprising discovery cat-wow
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A tiny kitten was discovered left all alone in a basket. She was taken to the rescue centre, where volunteers made an amazing discovery. Hiding in the basket was another young kitten that no one knew about.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 22/08/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Sarah Kelly had left her contact number with the feline rescue centre in North Carolina, USA as she was interested in becoming a foster carer for abandoned kitties. She took the exciting call when she was in Barnes and Noble Bookstore, to tell her that an abandoned kitten had been handed in to their centre.

Foster carer’s new mission

The staff at the shelter told Sarah that the tiny kitten needed to be bottle fed, a task she looked forward to doing. She decided on the spot to name the kitten Barnes, after the bookstore, and had an immediate thought that it was a shame there wasn’t another cat so that she could use the names Barnes and Noble, after her favourite store.


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Double trouble

Just a few hours later, she received another call from the rescue centre and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. When they had picked up the tiny kitten from the basket and then removed the towel, they discovered another, second kitty curled up tightly at the bottom of the basket. This second abandoned cat was obviously terrified due to its ordeal, but Sarah didn’t falter when staff asked if she could take both kittens together.

Best friends forever

Although its clear that the two cats aren’t direct siblings, they are thought to be cousin cats, born just two to three weeks apart. Noble, the larger of the two kitties takes care of Barnes, his smaller friend, curling up together affectionately. Its clear they were meant to be together forever!


Two precious floofs ? #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #kellyfosterkittens #kfk

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Baby Barnes is an excellent biscuit maker, purr master, and style icon with those extra long, fuzzy guard hairs ???❤️ #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #kellyfosterkittens #kfk

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